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About Undersea Productions

Established in 2006, and based in Australia, our award-winning business specializes in recording biodiversity and underwater filming. We offer freelance underwater filming services, and we have a massive library of royalty-free underwater stock footage and an online gallery of underwater stock photographs. We film and produce marine life films, as well as creating custom productions for clients. We also teach people how they can improve their own underwater imaging skills. And, for a more immersive experience of the ocean environment, we offer small group expeditions to world-class dive destinations.

Josh Jensen, underwater videographer & marine biologist

underwater cameraman

Josh, an Aussie, has been an keen marine enthusiast his whole life. He spent his childhood fishing and snorkelling, he learned to dive at 15, earned a marine biology degree at James Cook University, and ultimately became a dive instructor and underwater cameraman. His wide experience and background knowledge allows him to find and film the most interesting creatures in each habitat. Josh has earned many awards for his work, and his footage featured in productions by National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the BBC, among others.



Doug, the American member of our team, holds a computer science degree from the University of California at Berkeley (Go Bears!). He has an extensive background in database and internet technology having worked for a number of big players in Silicon Valley including Oracle and Yahoo!. Doug is also a dive instructor and stills photographer with digital and film experience. Doug’s technical skill and passion for the ocean rounds out our team.

Undersea Productions are turning out world class underwater video and their macro work is as fine as I have ever seen.
Stan Waterman, Emmy award winning underwater film producer and photographer


clients and credits


  • Winner: Queensland AIPP Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019
  • 4 Silvers: Queensland AIPP Professional Photography Awards 2019, Wildlife category
  • Winner: Queensland AIPP Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018
  • 3 Silvers, and Silver with Distinction: Queensland AIPP Professional Photography Awards 2018, Wildlife category
  • Awarded the designation of Master Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers
  • Gold and 3 Silvers: Australian Professional Photography Awards 2017, Wildlife category
  • Gold, 2 Silvers, and Silver with Distinction: Queensland AIPP Professional Photography Awards 2017, Wildlife category
  • Winner: Queensland AIPP Professional Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017
  • Gold, Silver, and Silver with Distinction: Australian Professional Photography Awards 2016, Wildlife and Portrait categories
  • Winner: Queensland AIPP Science, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 & 2016
  • Honourable Mention: International Photography Awards 2015, Nature category
  • Highly Honoured: Nature’s Best Photography “Ocean Views” 2015
  • Gold and 3 Silvers: AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards 2015, Wildlife category
  • Official Selection: Fremantle Underwater Film Festival 2015
  • Silver: International Loupe Awards 2014, Science & Nature category
  • Gold and 3 Silvers: Australian Professional Photography Awards 2014, Science, Environmental & Nature category
  • HM: Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year 2014, Black & White Print category
  • Finalist: Canon AIPP Science, Environmental & Nature Photographer of the Year 2014
  • Awarded the designation of Associate with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers
  • Semi-Finalist: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013, Underwater category
  • Gold: World Festival of Underwater Images 2011, Website category
  • Bronze: Our World Underwater 2011, Conservation Video category
  • Bronze: British Underwater Image Festival 2011, Video category
  • Bronze: DEEP International Underwater Photo Competition 2011, Divers category
  • Semi-Finalist: Nature’s Best Photography, Ocean Views 2011
  • HM: Ocean Conservancy Photo Contest 2010
  • Gold: Jim Church Classic Underwater Video Contest 2010
  • Semi-Finalist: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009, Underwater category
  • HM: Remarkable Photo Contest 2009
  • Winner: The Underwater Channel’s “Face of Australia” Competition
  • Finalist: Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest 2008
  • Gold: Byron Bay Underwater Festival 2008, Video category
  • HM: DEEP International Underwater Photo Competition 2007, Wide Angle category
  • 2 x Gold: Beneath The Sea 2006, Video category
  • Silver: Environmentally Aware Photographic Image Competition (EPIC) 2006, Video category
  • Gold: British Underwater Image Festival 2006, Video category
  • Silver & Bronze: Celebrate The Sea Marine Image Festival 2005, Video category

giving back

We’re honoured to donate our time and resources to marine conservation non-profits and education programs:


eolWe proudly support the Encyclopedia of Life, one of the most comprehensive biodiversity sites on the web, with a vision of global access to knowledge about life on Earth. We donate our entire video catalogue: over 29000 clips of more than 2600 species.


arkiveAlmost 300 video clips of endangered marine life go to the folks at ARKive. They’re creating a kind of digital Noah’s Ark—a global initiative gathering together films, photographs and audio recordings of the world’s endangered species.


fishbaseFishBase has access to our entire fish catalogue—over 12,000 clips of more than 1300 species. FishBase is a vast online scientific reference library, much-loved by fish geeks like us.


project-mantaWe’ve donated over 100 video clips to Project Manta, helping the scientists identify individual manta rays and track their movements.


whyvilleWe contributed video clips for the kids to learn about marine life at the tween virtual world WhyReef, a project developed in tandem with The Field Museum in Chicago.


ocean-loversOur images joined those from 99 other underwater photographers in the book Wonderful Water Planet, a pictorial A-Z of marine animals. The books were donated to the non-profit Room To Read, and sent to children in developing countries.


amcsWe support the Australian Marine Conservation Society, an independent non-profit staffed by scientists, educators and advocates who work to protect ocean wildlife.


nubaNoosa Underwater Biodiversity Assessment and river clean up: our self-funded project to film and identify every species in our local river, to remove as much lost fishing line as we can carry, and to educate the local community about the waterway’s issues.

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