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4K Underwater Indonesia Stock Footage Demo Reel: Marine Biodiversity in 2160p UltraHD

Here’s my latest 4K 2160p stock footage demo reel, highlighting (as always) marine biodiversity and the connections between coral reef species.

The underwater stock footage was filmed over the course of nearly one year during our various Indonesia dive expeditions to Bali, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Lembeh, Fakfak and Triton Bay.

The Raja Ampat and Lembeh Strait expeditions were my first with the incredible GT14 underwater video lights from Gates—they are brilliant in every sense of the word and are my new favourite piece of kit. You can see them exclusively in action for the first 30-seconds of this video, and then mixed throughout the remainder of the film. (These lights have proven useful in the pool, too, with Liz’s underwater portrait work; their insane full power brightness and wide beam is especially useful for backlighting her clients.)

If you want to know which species you’re watching, there’s a complete shot list below. Any questions or feedback, just let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy, and please share this with your fellow ocean lovers!


Time What
0:00 Orange anemonefish; Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
0:07 Reef wall scenic; Triton Bay
0:11 Blue-ringed angelfish; Triton Bay
0:16 Gold-belly and Neon damselfish surrounded by Dendronephthya soft corals; Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
0:20 Threadfin anthias, Goldbelly and Neon damsels surrounded by Dendronephthya soft corals; Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
0:25 Threadfin anthias and coral reef scene; Pisang Island, Raja Ampat
0:30 Blackbar butterflyfish and coral reef scenery; Pisang Island, Raja Ampat
0:35 Slender cardinalfish, with many other cardinalfishes below; Fakfak, Raja Ampat
0:39 Flamboyant cuttlefish hunting; Lembeh Strait
0:44 Wonderpus octopus; Lembeh Strait
0:49 unidentified longbrow muck octopus; Tulamben, Bali
0:54 Blotchy shrimpgoby, with two shrimps doing the housekeeping; Tulamben, Bali
0:59 Colemans shrimps riding a Variable fire urchin; Bima, Komodo area
1:03 White-stripe urchin shrimps on a Banded sea urchin; Tulamben, Bali
1:08 Emperor shrimp catching plankton while riding a Feather-mouth sea cucumber; Loh Liang Bay, Komodo
1:13 Blackstripe coris wrasse; Nusa Kode, near Komodo
1:17 unidentified white spot ghostgoby (maybe Pleurosicya mossambica) with a patch of eggs; Lembeh Strait
1:22 Ocellated coralfish in a black coral forest; Aiduma, Triton Bay
1:25 Tailspot blennies discussing housing options; Aiduma, Triton Bay
1:29 Twostripe dwarfgoby feeding in front of a Bluespotted grouper; Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
1:34 Jamal’s dottyback, with his mimic partners Rearband chromis; Pisang Island, Raja Ampat
1:41 Jenkins cardinalfish and Orange-lined cardinalfish paired up among other cardinalfish species; Fakfak, Raja Ampat
1:46 Variable jawfish cleaning house; Lembeh Strait
1:49 Diagonal banded sweetlips; Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
1:51 Bluespotted grouper; Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
1:53 unidentified small esca frogfish; Lembeh Strait
1:56 Yelloweye cardinalfish getting jiggy; Lembeh Strait
1:58 Finspot razorfish; Tulamben, Bali
2:01 Twostripe goby; Tulamben, Bali
2:03 Orange-dashed gobies
2:05 Rainbow monocle bream; Nusa Kode, near Komodo
2:08 Blackstriped angelfish and Bridled monocle bream facing off; Aiduma, Triton Bay
2:10 Nursalim flasherwrasse and soft coral forest; Aiduma, Triton Bay
2:15 Selfie with a curious Hawksbill turtle; Misool, Raja Ampat
2:23 Whale sharks fed by local fishermen; Triton Bay

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6 years ago

Hi Josh, I would love to watch this but unfortunately the video is blocked in Indonesia 🙁 I would also love to share on our social media pages, with your permission and full credit to you of course. Perhaps the video is available on YouTube? I know the quality isn’t as good but us over here in Indo can’t watch! Thank you. Debbie

6 years ago

Beautiful images, Josh. The locked-down steadiness of the macro clips as well as the wide shots is superb. Congratulations.

6 years ago
Reply to  Josh

HA!!! It’s a well deserved comment, Josh! Yes, everyone loves a good lockdown and steady images, but it seems that not everyone realizes the importance of it and / or manages it. 🙂

Joanna Górka
6 years ago

Hi Josh, it’s a beautiful piece of art, a masterpiece.
I allowed myself to share it with friends on my fb page. Joanna

Joanna Górka
6 years ago
Reply to  Josh

They are fascinated. It’s a different world for them.

6 years ago

where can i buy this?

6 years ago
Reply to  carol

Hi Carol. This video and the footage are available through licensing. Contact us if interested.

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