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Short film “Galapagos Islands: Evolution to Extinction”

This short film summarises some of the major environmental and ecological threats to the Galapagos Islands: overfishing, shark-finning, introduced species (animals & pathogens), the steady influx of people, and a legal system that has been ineffective in countering these issues. The video includes my interviews with local experts from WildAid, Conservation International, and Sea Shepherd. Filmed entirely on location during our third dive expedition to the islands.

This film could have easily been a full length feature, such was the breadth of knowledge and information provided by the interviewees Fernando Ortiz, Godfrey Merlen and Captain Alex Cornellissen. These three guys really know their stuff when it comes to conservation issues in the Galapagos Islands. I was stoked and extremely grateful for the opportunity to speak with them.

Have you been to the Galapagos Islands? Did you know about the range of threats to local wildlife? I’d love to hear any of your comments.


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Chris Horton
13 years ago

Excellent short doco. Nicely woven footage and interviews. Good to see the optimism in the closing scenes. Great work!

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