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Video: Convict blenny juveniles swimming back into the burrow

Juvenile convict blennies are mimics of juvenile catfish (Plotosus lineatus).

Convict blennies (Pholidichthys leucotaenia), one of our favourite fish. These juveniles pile into the burrow maintained by their mum—who is a reclusive snake-like fish, her head occasionally peeking out as she excavates sand from the hole. Apparently, the juveniles hang vertically by mucus threads from the roof of the elaborate cave system. It’s been suggested their poo might feed the mum. Or maybe the mum cannibalises them after they fatten up on plankton. (Any other theories out there?)

Juvenile convict blennies are mimics of juvenile striped catfish, which are poisonous. Compare footage of each:


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Harper B.
9 years ago

So many!

M Woodburn
3 years ago

their getting pulled into a blackhole!

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