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Reef Check’s CSA for Moreton Bay: Coral reef on Brisbane’s doorstep

Here’s a sneak peak at the Community Service Announcement (CSA) we filmed and produced for Reef Check Australia. The 30-second ad will run on Brisbane’s river ferry (City Cat), among other places.

The CSA’s purpose was to let the people of Brisbane know what amazing marine life lives at their doorstep. The piece needed to convey its message even if audio was switched off, so we used on-screen titles instead of voice-over.

The footage was shot at Flinders Reef, in Moreton Bay, just outside Brisbane. Despite less-than-ideal filming conditions on the day, the Reef Check staff and volunteers did a great job modelling for us.

Reef Check Australia is a non-profit environmental organisation for coral reef conservation. Their surveys provide important monitoring of these heavy use and biologically significant reef systems.

—Josh & Liz

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